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Twist is a network of software businesses and freelancers that share services, earning credits when they offer their products to the network.
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Thank you for taking the time to complete a short survey. We use the results to make decisions about our waitlist. We prioritize businesses who will benefit most from Twist, which generally includes those who charge for software and are eager to:
1.) cut costs by trying new products, and/or
2.) use Twist as a new acquisition channel
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If you offer your software to the Twist network, we add credits to your account. 

For example, if your service costs $100/mo and you offer 50 seats to the network, we find customers who want your service and add 5,000 credits/mo to your account to use on other software. 

If you find software that you would like to try, we charge a success fee for completing the transaction.
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- Quuu Daily Review Email
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